Some testimonies from recent trips:

“I had the privilege of going to Israel with Dr. Glick in October, 2016. This was my first trip to Israel and will likely not be my last. It was transformational. The spiritual focus that was fostered by the unrushed schedule each day, as well as the devotionals and times of prayer led to this change. The teaching is as thorough as a textbook and the spiritual depth completely changed the way I now read the Bible. Every trip you ever take always has certain expectations and this trip exceeded every one of my expectations. I remember thinking by day 3 that I had already received my money’s worth. Dr. Glick’s prayer for each person on his trips is that they will connect  with the Spirit of God in a new and fresh way that will change their lives. I was so touched by this trip that I am joining the trip to Greece and Turkey trip in ’17!”   AF, Michigan

“My experience of traveling both to Israel and to the sites of the seven churches of Revelation with Dan Glick has transformed the way I read my Bible and profoundly deepened my understanding of so many stories, places, and people from Scripture. It was so beneficial have a smaller team that the other, huge groups that we sometimes observed, and as we would sit together in those amazing Biblical sites and listen to Dan’s rich, practical devotional thoughts the whole experience made those truths come alive like never before! As a pastor, I have had the added benefit of taking those insights, my pictures and videos, and the whole wealth of new information that I’ve gained and share them with my church members, who have been delighted to share in the adventure. Even now, I find myself continually reliving the sites, sounds, impressions and joyful fellowship of places like the olive tree grove on the Mount of Olives, the beautiful shores of Galilee at Capernaum, the rocky brow of Nazareth overlooking the breathtaking Valley of Armageddon, the haunting shrine of Jeroboam’s golden calf, the serene joy of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem and much more. And with Tribe of Dan Tours, we were able to go to sites like Samaria, Jacob’s Well, Mt. Gerizim, Jericho and many others where I since have learned that other tour groups often do not go. How quickly these places and experiences became a part of me. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and simply can’t wait until the next time!” SS, missionary to Ukraine

“The learning on this trip has made the scripture come alive in my heart and daily devotions.” GBS student, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I deeply appreciated our tour guide who quickly becomes a friend that values your questions and does his best to provide meaningful answers. There is personal attention given that might not be possible in larger group tours. His devotionals are exemplary — they truly marked my life and made my time in Israel a pilgrimage more than a “trip” or a “tour.” Dan took us many places that shorter trips don’t have time for, providing us with unique cultural experiences and historical perspectives often unseen. If you have considered going to Israel, look no further. You will not find this kind of tour anywhere else, especially for the price and scope that it offers.” JA, pastor from Pennsylvania

“Going to Israel was an amazing opportunity for me because it opened my eyes to the Word of God in a whole new way? This trip was the best thing I have ever done and I hope to do it again someday!” GBS student, Cincinnati, Ohio

“My trip with Dan was my third opportunity to tour the holy land, and it was exceptional. The extra days in Israel, the versatility of traveling by car, and the numerous additional sites (25+) visited made for an incredible journey. From Mount Arbel, we looked out over the region in which that Light was lit up in Galilee and worshipped Him in our hearts. In the Valley of Elah, we chose our own stones with thoughts of conquering the spiritual giants coming against us and our families. The ruins of Chorazin became our classroom as we considered the woes that Jesus pronounced on the cities in which He did most of His miracles, and we thought seriously about what we are doing with our own revelations of Jesus. At Hippos we reflected on the man delivered from the legion of demons and considered his testimony and how effectively we are witnessing. And that’s just a sampling of our experience. My tours of the holy land have been times of reprieve from ministerial duties and occasions to reflect upon spiritual truths, and the trip that Dan put together facilitated those benefits well.” SG, pastor from Ohio

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so very much for making my Israel Tour a very memorable experience. My family, my Pastor, my relatives, and my friends that went with you, two years ago, still love talking about this “experience”. Why? The many places you took us to see were Jesus walked, and the time you spent at each place sharing precise details of Bible events, history, and stories, made God’s Word come more alive in my heart. Thank you Jesus! The wealth of information you provided Dr. Dan, sharing Bible history on this tour – made it so much more than just a tour, it was a once in a “ lifetime experience ” I can never forget! As I read my Bible now, so many places and events just pop out like never before, and I am privileged to relive this “experience” and gratefully smile thanking Jesus again and again for coming to this earth – and saving my soul.” EG, New York 

“Our sixteen day tour to Israel was truly a blessing and an enriching experience. To be in the places where the Old Testament judges, prophets and kings lived and interacted; where the New Testament apostles and Jesus ministered and walked; and where archaeologist are digging now, finding even more evidence that continues to confirm the truth of Bible people, places and times- what a thrilling adventure!  The devotionals given by Dan were encouraging, soul searching and pertinent to the place where we were visiting at the time.With Tribe of Dan Tours, the accommodations were comfortable and varied from hotels to lovely guest rooms in oasis Kibbutz communities out in the middle of the desert. Our tour group had a total of thirteen people that we got to know quite well.  We enjoyed several days in Jerusalem site seeing during the day and exploring or shopping in the evenings. Traveling out in the country side away from the tourist traps, seeing wild life, amazing agriculture in seemingly barren wasteland, and rugged rocky mountains where David hid from King Saul was a treat for me.  If you are interested in minimal shopping and maximum site-seeing, Tribe of Dan Tours is a match for you.” EA, Ohio

“The trip with Tribe of Dan Tours has meant so much to my wife and I, words can not describe. The places we went, the history, the knowledge you shared, the fellowship was priceless. When we see pictures now that others share, we say to ourselves we’ve been there, we’ve seen that. A part of us is still there, the Bible became more alive and real. Thank you for all that energy, effort and time you put into it to make it a memorable and “Precious Memory “, experience. God Bless.”  J & J D, New York

“I went to Israel when I was 10, and the most amazing experience was just being there…Standing on the streets where Jesus walked and being at the places where he worked miracles. It’s just so amazing to picture what it was really like when he was on earth, and to understand his viewpoint. I know Jesus is with us every single moment of our lives, but to just be where he was in human form, made me feel so much closer to him. It’s an experience that is for me, and will be for you, unforgettable!” Tourist of Israel — Krista

“I went on a Tribe of Dan Tour when I was fifteen and it was fantastic. Israel is so beautiful and full of history. One thing I loved was how Dan took time at some of the places we went, and talked about issues people were facing at that place hundreds of years ago and showing that we’re still facing those issues and we need to stand up and respond with discernment and wisdom. The trip was awesome and I would do it again!” –Sharla

“Our family went to Israel with Dan, and it was a great experience! I loved how flexible Dan was with us as a group, and the freedom he gave to do whatever interested us in the evenings. Another thing that I appreciated was the way he made each site into a lesson, applicable today. My favorite stories have become even more alive to me, because I know what the setting actually looks like. The whole trip was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it!” BG, New York

“Israel is not really a place I ever thought of or dreamed of visiting, but then our family decided to go with Tribe of Dan Tours. I enjoyed seeing the places mentioned in the Bible. It gave me perspective on distances between different areas and how far Jesus walked during His ministry. Now when I read the Bible, I can picture the places and their relation to each other. I also appreciated the talks Dan gave at different sites that related to our spiritual lives; very thought provoking. Dan was sensitive to the older ( 50+) people in our group in how much walking we did. Overall the trip was an enriching experience.”  KG, New York

“To me the best point of traveling with Dan is that he cuts some of the extra expenses one normally pays when traveling to Israel.  This allows the tourist to have extra days and see more things for the same price as other tour groups.  Dan has contacts among the Israeli Arabs, and this allowed us to spend one day in Nabulus (Shechem) in the West Bank.  One of the highlights of my trip was standing atop Mt. Gerizim and looking out over the valley where important events happened in the lives of Abraham, Jacob, and Joshua.  We drank water out of the well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman.  Traveling through what used to be Benjamin and Ephraim was a special treat. The trip to Israel has been very helpful in my ministry.  I am a missionary and have used the pictures I took in Bible studies and sermons.  It will enrich your spiritual life to walk where Jesus walked and to see the actual places where many of the events in the Bible took place.” BM, missionary to Taiwan
“This is not just an ordinary tour, it is a life-changing experience.” GBS student, Ohio