Offered Tours

The Israel Tour

When God came to earth, even He went to Israel! Yes, that’s right and that is why Israel is such a marvelous experience. Most of the miracles recorded in the Bible happened here. When God sent His Son into the world, He sent Him here. Our story–the Gospel story, has played out in this land, … Continue reading The Israel Tour

Turkey and Patmos

Turkey contains more biblical sites, after Israel, than any other country in the world. The Apostle Paul traveled here on all three of his missionary journeys. The apostle John lived and ministered in Ephesus, Philip the Evangelist evangelized and was martyred in Hierapolis (close to Laodicea). Many first century churches were planted in Asia Minor … Continue reading Turkey and Patmos

Customized Tours

One of the exciting possibilities that Tribe of Dan Tours offers is that a trip can be customized. Whether the interest is Israel, Greece, Turkey, or even Europe, special trips can be arranged with the itinerary being determined by the group’s (or group leader’s) desire. The way this works: Tribe of Dan Tours is contacted. … Continue reading Customized Tours


Beginning in 2018, plans are in place for offering a 10 day trip to the enchanting land of Greece. This trip will combine both biblical and historically significant sites. We plan to visit Athens, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Corinth, as well as Thermapylae, Mt. Olympas, Sparta, and other parts of the Polyponese Penisula. Athens alone, with its … Continue reading Greece

Central/Eastern Europe

Beginning in 2018, plans are in place for offering a 10 day trip to Eastern and Central Europe. The trip will likely include a visit to Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Krakow (Poland), and nearby Auschwitz. We will also be in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and western Ukraine. Enjoy the beautiful Carpathian Mountains as well as … Continue reading Central/Eastern Europe